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Wheat Field, Sun, Rocks, Mountains


The climbing grade for many climbers is not anymore a tool, is the target of their activity. For many, the quality of climbing does not count, they just make the grade. Some smart people have been noticed this strong attachment and have decided to take advantage of the "grades dependency" introducing the commercial grade.

This is the final degeneration of this activity when a lot of people go to spend their holidays on some climbing location (for example Kalymnos and San Vito Lo Capo) rather than in others because the grades there are easier. In some of these places developers of climbing areas are hand in glove with owners of tourist services.

How the commercial grade works?

The result has become a fundamental part of our society based on having rather than being. If you climb the most frequently asked question is what grade can you do? Of course there is nothing wrong with achieving a certain result, what is wrong is to deceive oneself in order to achieve that result. If you'll follow this path, the path of deception you will find who will be willing to help for a small reward. Here's how it works:

1. Training and preparation

A person who finish an introductory rock climbing course by now already speaks in numbers, is introduced into the prepared race of the highest grade It's a game already prepared and served, you do not have to put anything of yours, (you do not need to be creative or intelligent) you just have to train hard in order to increase your grade. To do the grade does not necessarily mean to be good, but people love the grades because the grades are giving them the illusion of having something. Our culture is based on the possession, the people love to collect things, experiences, successes and of course there are also collectors of climbing grades. People desire to take home something they can show, no matter if this is just an illusion. Usually the aim of those who train in the gyms is to increase the grades, not to enjoy climbing. For this there are often so many serious people and so many people in a bad mood. When your favorite game becomes a job how can you be in a good mood? Instead of enjoying the climbing, in the gyms they will tell you: you have to prepare, you have to train! Climbing can become an activity that you must do, even if you do not feel like doing it. To go climbing when you have no desire to do so, is unnecessary and often harmful, but you'll pay the entrance fee in the gym anyway.

2. The method

Nobody wants to experiment! Everyone is looking for the safe path. So the market has found the answer: there are hundreds of training guidebooks to get stronger and to increase your climbing grade. To know what I think about the various methods of preparation for climbing, you can read this article about training for climbing.

3. The performance

Who has invested in training and guidebooks for training of all kinds, want to get that progress for which he worked so hard and paid. Thus began the research of the climbing route suitable for his training. It's a research in order to achieve the goal. So some owners of tourist services has decided to take advantage of this desire for the performance, offering what people are looking for, routes with high grades, but easy to climb.

4. The promotion

After returning from vacation, with one grade more, our climber can buy his favorite magazine of rock climbing, where he will find all updates on his favorite subject. He'll find that the level (grades) of climbing has risen, and so he'll be motivated to restart his run on the wheel, the circle is closed, and he can start over from step 1.

A different path

When I visit a new crag I'm not having a guidebook, I'm not using the system of grades. I explore, I let myself to be surprised by what I find, and it becomes a game of discovery. It's like visiting a place without a map, it becomes an adventure. I look at the crag, I start to study the rock, and the lines where I think I can climb. This process of discovery is one of the most interesting ingredients in rock climbing!

Ivo Buda

The image on the top: Vincent Van Gogh, Wheat Field with Reaper and Sun.